Update-GREAT NEWS!!!

I love ya’ll so much ❤

I want to post on my site more, and I want to be more consistent. However, every artist knows….consistency is not our strong suit. So, me posting this update is, hopefully, a step in the right direction. I still don’t know how exactly I want my website to be branded, but I know I want it to be authentically me.

So this is me right now:

Great news!!!! I started school…again! The first time around I was going to a school just because I thought that’s what you’re supposed to do right after high school. I signed up for classes and got lost in the shuffle of things, and I ended up with this gigantic bill! I could not afford what they wanted, and they kicked me out. Politely, of course. And ever since then I have been on a journey of self discovery.

It took years away from traditional learning for me to define who I am and what I actually care about. I also worked a lot of jobs that were not a good fit for me. I do not believe your job defines who you are, but we spend a lot of time at work. So, it is important for me to spend my time on something I care about.

With that being said, I asked God, “What is my next best move?” And through a series of events, He answered, “Full Sail University.” That’s the short version anyways.

Basically, after working on my series, Mixtape Poetry and creating videos for my vlog series, She Speaks, I realized how much I love creating visual stories. I also realized how hard it was to teach myself certain camera techniques. Eventually I want to create my own films and write my own scripts and publish my own books, but if I have to finance my dream through a regular job…I want to be in an industry I love! So, I am going back to school to acquire my degree in Digital Cinematography.

Why not writing?

Writing is my first love. So, I don’t want anyone to control it in any way. I don’t want it to become a chore or mundane. So, getting a writing job was never something I was interested in. Changing my writing style to comply with someone else’s vision is just not for me. I would probably grow to resent something I once loved. So, I still write! You don’t ever have to worry about that, but I am doing it on my own terms. I will still publish my own words one day.

But I’m an artist. Which means I am not locked down to one lane. Which means I have the right to explore different avenues of storytelling. And visual storytelling is something else I am passionate about.

So, I just wanted to share where I am! I love you all so much for your kind words and encouragement. I hope to start posting more on here soon. Something tells me I might make a few changes to the site in the near future.

Stay Tuned!!