For Free?

I started my journey by asking myself this question:

What would you do even if you did not get paid to do it?

Well, obviously writing was my answer, but I never thought I would get tested on that declaration.

Now the question has morphed into:

Are you willing to write without getting paid for it?

Absolutely. Well, that’s my answer after months of the question lurking around my thoughts without fully revealing itself.

Don’t get me wrong, my ambition is the same. I will be a published author. But am I willing to go through a season (or two) of not getting noticed or paid for what I do? Without a doubt. Before people had opinions or I had a blog, I wrote. I breathed poetry. Words are the love of my life. With them I feel at home…like I am returning to all that I had lost. People have never been my thing (introvert fo’ life). But sitting on the floor of a bookstore reading nothing in particular is a slice of heaven for me.

So, whenever my blessings and desires decides to manifest themselves is beyond my control. But until they do, I will continue to write. I will continue to partner with creativity.

…simply because I love it. ❤


I saw the word: CREATE.

Who is it that I am?


Hm….has a nice ring to it. I am a creator. Hm…it also sounds a bit arrogant. Let’s take a step back.

The creator of everything is who I worship. And the more I reflect, the more I realize I have not created a single thing. Not a poem. Not a story. Not a blog post. I haven’t done anything magnificent enough to call myself a creator.

A more accurate word: INTERPRETER.

I see parts of the world others cannot and I interpret what I have witnessed.

Thoughts are difficult to convey so I translate common emotions and situations.

I am not creating anything for there is nothing new under the sun. I am merely picking up the tools God placed in front of my door. And I’m having a damn good time.

Things That Matter

Question: What does God mean to you?

God is infinite moments both big and small that composes, not only my life but, existence. The people, the planets, the universe. It’s all God. It was all created by God and in these things, you see tiny glimpses into just how expansive God is. Opinions may vary, but truth is truth. God is everything.

Question: What is the purpose of your art?

To inspire others through prophecy and personal experiences. To tell the story of a “least of these” in order to encourage the “least of these.” My art is not to speak to people who already got life figured out. No, it’s for the rest of us who are kind of winging it. The rest of us who rest in the uneasy arms of a tumultuous world. We need hope. We need resolution after each tragedy. God is just that. That’s what I have learned and that is what I continue to learn over and over again. So, the purpose of my art? I guess it’s to say that no matter how messed up this world is, no matter how many people let you down, no matter how many times you fall short….well…God is enough.

Question: What inspires you?

Each moment. Each thought. Each experience. Each encounter. Each trial. Each victory. Every single emotion. Written words paint a picture my mouth cannot create to describe how I process the world around me.