23 was a year of exploration.

In the wilderness

I almost lost myself

Survival became my mindset

Seeking  more

Though I didn’t know what was missing

I was searching for something

The journey made me strong

Made me step with more confidence

Taught me more about the world

I looked into the water and saw


I looked upon the rock

And found


Tempted in every way

Yet refusing to be moved

Basking in the kingdom

Glowing with assurance

This is



Mixtape Poetry: Be a Poem

In a world full of calloused hearts

And ulterior motives

Be passionate

Be authentic

In a generation known for building walls

Be transparent

Feel every emotion

Be rage

Be disappointment

So that you can be the evolution

So that you can be the joy

The rainbow at the conclusion

Of a storm

In a world that falls back

And falls short of human connection

That fails terribly

At fostering communities

Be open to varying opinions

Be accepting of freedom of choice

Be gentle with yourself

And your neighbor

Be full

Be raw

Be hope for a new day

Be sadness during darkness

Be exposure to all that is the human experience

Be the embodiment of life

In a world full of empty words

Be a poem.

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Mixtape Poetry: Self Care

And tonight

I choose myself

Tonight I decide

I’m going to love myself

I have declared this before

Except this time I realize

Love is not a noun

There is action to be taken

Tending to my own needs

Nurturing the soil of my soul

Cultivating the ground for growth


Pouring into my cup


Pouring until it spills over


Tonight I choose to pay attention

To the language of my own body

What is it saying?

The foreign tongue of my emotions

What are they reflecting

About the world around me?


Tonight I choose me

Under the stars

I see my own reflection

In the faint light of the distant moon

I stand looking for no one

Waiting on no one

Because I am all I need

Sitting in the echoes of my essence

Basking in the ambience of my being



I choose me.

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“What happens to a dream deferred?”

It grows

And expands

It takes time to decide

Whether suicide is its destiny

Or if life is the only way


It lies down and weeps

Rolling around in the possibilities

Of “what if’s” and “could be’s”

Self-pity is the initial reaction

To a dream left in the shadows

Of life’s troubles


What happens next?… is not the decision of the dream

But the dreamer

What happens next… is the thoughts

The resilience

The courage of the one who gave birth to such a thing

The one responsible for the care and tenderness owed


My dream

Left alone

Tucked away

And hidden

Accumulated dust

Lost it’s luster

But it did not falter

Once discovered again

I realized it

Was the same

Everything inside of it did not wilt

Rather it grew in wisdom

As my life grew in length


And now

It lives

Inside of me

A mature version of childish passions

Plays on in the fantasies of my mind

With more room to develop into

The woman who will not forget

To allow her heart to beat

Now the boundaries are being broken

Letting adventures unfold and take shape


A dream is not a silly thing

A dream deferred thing can be a strong thing

And a dream pursued is a sure thing

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Wake up Mr. West

To the college dropout turned graduate

To the misunderstood

To the man constantly placed into a box

To the guy who breaks all boundaries placed around his talent

Around his mind

Around his beat machine

To the guy who showed me

How to move forward in my vision

Even when I’m the only who can see

The images God displayed on the big screen of my dreams


It’s funny…

Because I didn’t even know I was a fan

I didn’t know you captured my heart

I didn’t know I was falling into the web of rhymes

You so eloquently spun

The beats you so intentionally crafted

The pain you so beautifully articulated

I hadn’t realized

That the confusion inside my soul

Was locked inside your bars

Inside the tap of each 808

Was the fabric of me


Thank you.


I don’t blame any woman in your life

As if they have any control over the mind of a genius

I don’t blame your move from Chicago

As if your change of residence could affect your authenticity

But somewhere down the line…

…You lost me

And now I mourn our love

Our dying connection

Where there was once a ferocious forest fire

Is now just embers inside of hot coal

Waiting for a spark

A spark…


I loved you

I loved your soul

I loved your being

I appreciated who you were

I mean…who you are

And I am not so sure what happened

I just know I miss us

I know I miss the nights in my room

Your voice bouncing off my four walls

The echoes of your vibrato illuminating all that was dead

The passion I didn’t know I had

The love I didn’t know I saved

For something special

For something sacred

And you don’t even seem to care

I loved your tone

I loved your honesty

I loved the clutter of your brilliant mind

I remember the days

I would spend exploring your thoughts

Toying with your alien desires

Trying to comprehend your unusual vision

Others couldn’t get it

They could only accept pieces of you

The activist

The angry black man

The arrogant

The flashy

The pained expression

They refused to take you for all of your riches

No, they sifted through a treasure chest

As if you were a garage sale on a saturday morning

But I loved all of you


Will this be the end?

I’m not sure

I was never the type to leave a relationship without fighting

Without holding on

Without exhausting myself

But I have to be honest

This past go-round?

I did not let your voice illuminate my mind

Nor did I allow your vibrato to dance around my room

I’m sorry

But I was hurt

I wasn’t sure I could handle it given the state of our romance

But I’m still here


I will wait for you to try

I will wait for you to continue showing yourself

Your full self

Do not shut down

Because I will be here forever


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This morning

God told me

I am an ocean

And the opinions of others are nothing but a pebble

Too insignificant to create waves

In the vastness of my existence


I must remember that it is okay to take up space

An entire universe was created just for us

So, I must not hesitate in being

I must not compromise my booming presence in their skies

I am an ocean

And I will not apologize for existing as such

Future Love 2/14/2016

I rolled over on my side

This morning

And noticed an emptiness

That has always been there

But never felt so hollow before

I noticed you weren’t beside me

You never have been

But it never felt so apparent

The weight of your presence

Wasn’t creating a dent in my mattress

Your hands weren’t holding my waist

Your eyes weren’t watching me as I wake

Your breath wasn’t matching mine

I noticed how

I craved you

I missed you

You haven’t entered my life yet

But the space God has reserved

Is one to catch my thoughts

Significant enough

For me to feel glimpses

Of what our love will be

How our love will grow

The rooms we will decorate

As our love expands

I rolled over on my side

This morning

And found my thoughts

Lingering on



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Would you do it?

Would you submit yourself to those things that are killing you?

Would you play with fire?

Would you continue seeking their attention?

Would you wear an outfit that’s barely there?

Would you inhale what’s damaging your lungs?

Would you sip the poisonous liquid?

Would you take the fruit and indulge in the forbidden?


Would you sit with those girls?

Would you be in competition with every woman who might have more?

Would you compare yourself?

Would you secretly tear apart yourself?

Would you pinpoint what you don’t like about your own reflection?

Would you call yourself a bad bitch?


Would you let him call you anything other than your name?

Would you give away pieces of yourself for free?

Would you allow him to raise his hand?

Would you cover the scars?

Would you….stay?


Would you hold on to the resentment?

Would you sleep with hate?

Would you live with bitterness?

Would you walk with hurt?

Would you?


Would you do it if you knew?

Would you use your jewels for play if you knew their value?

Where is your crown?


Why are you lost if the kingdom is inside of you?

Why do you delay when the promises await you?

Why are you silent when authority is within you?

Why do you accept what is given?

Why do you see but have no vision?

Where is your crown?


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Rest in Liberation

Crushed velvet decorate pavement floors

Rich hues fill empty spaces

Tongues fumble into sobs

When words become inadequate

My brother is dead


He was not perfect but they call him monster

They name him Toby

And paint him in tar

They strip away his identity


Hands folded

Head bowed

My faith is faltering


Fist clenched

Guns loaded

My heart is a war zone

And I can’t think straight from the sound of bullets flying

Bombs dropping


Another one?


Fabricated truth tied around her neck

Strange fruit echoes in our ears

And through the eyes of my ancestors

I watch her body sway

My sister is dead


Oh it was done intentionally

But by who I wonder…

I am finding it hard to breath as the fabric of freedom crushes me

Every time those stripes flap against the wind

They lash back

Lynching my idea of liberty and explaining why it was never meant for me


My people are dead.

United we stood

Divided we are falling

Because I’m not black enough

Or you’re not conscious enough

What cultural responsibilities do we each actually hold?

And what does it really mean to have an excess amount of melanin in our bodies?


Justice is a dish best served alive

Not charred to empty it of it’s nutrients

Not fried to rid it of truth

Not cold to freeze over the passions

But with the blood still pumping

Come! Let me taste of the red wine spilt

Let me drink the memory of my brother

of my sister

of my people.


Give me liberty.

Because you already gave me death.



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I saw the word: CREATE.

Who is it that I am?


Hm….has a nice ring to it. I am a creator. Hm…it also sounds a bit arrogant. Let’s take a step back.

The creator of everything is who I worship. And the more I reflect, the more I realize I have not created a single thing. Not a poem. Not a story. Not a blog post. I haven’t done anything magnificent enough to call myself a creator.

A more accurate word: INTERPRETER.

I see parts of the world others cannot and I interpret what I have witnessed.

Thoughts are difficult to convey so I translate common emotions and situations.

I am not creating anything for there is nothing new under the sun. I am merely picking up the tools God placed in front of my door. And I’m having a damn good time.